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Becoming a Preferred Provider

Becoming a Preferred Provider of Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture and having your practice listed on our referral list:
Once you have taken one of our courses, you may follow some steps to get on our Preferred Provider list. You would send Dr. Lucas 3 case studies and then attend another course in the same topic so that she can review your needling technique. Successful completion and review of the case studies and the additional course will lead to your listing on the referral list on our website. We only make referrals to Preferred Providers.

Requirements for becoming a Preferred Provider:

-- Practice the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System™ for enough time for you to have 3 case studies including before/after photos and testimonials. These case studies must be in Dr. Lucas's hands one month prior to your taking the course that will lead to your being added to the Preferred Provider list.
You may become a Preferred Provider in the face and neck cosmetic acupuncture as well as in the abdominal/fertility/obesity protocol systems.

Preferred Providers listed in bold red. This is another level of Preferred Provider. These practitioners have maintained their skills over time by attending seminars about every 2 years or they are one of my TAs. Their listings stand out in bold red so that consumers can see those who have additional training.