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Here are samples of comments that Martha receives about the seminar:

"My friends and I have taken every facial acupuncture course and this one was by far the most thorough and professional in every aspect: the supervised practice was excellent, we loved getting feedback on our technique, and we could actually FEEL the results from the protocol. I also love that the treatment is gentle for patients which is very important. Martha is a fantastic instructor; she's a gem in the field of Oriental Medicine."“This is one of the best seminars I have taken. Not since Dr. Tan’s seminars have I been able to immediately incorporate the information into my practice with fantastic results.”

"Martha is very professional and very knowledgeable and openly shares her knowledge. The seminar was much more than I expected." DF

"I have been using the abdominal protocol on a couple of people who have been having really fascinating experiences. I have been treating of my long-term patients with CFS and she's not only seen an incredible improvement in her energy, she's also lost weight and inches, noticed an improvement in PMS symptoms, and reports a feeling of deeper understanding of and connection to her femininity."

"I learned so much! This class, like the Pulse Seminar, was not only a wonderful learning experience, it also felt like a special kind of personal healing. Thank you."

"Another thanks for your wonderful seminar. It was so complete. You gave us everything we need to get started right away. All of the extras - skin information, nutrition, disclaimers, working w/ client expectations, marketing - provided a wonderful vehicle for utilizing what I perceived to be an outstanding cosmetic acupuncture protocol. Your research comes through beautifully in your seminar.

On a personal note, days after the 2 cosmetic acupuncture treatments that I received at the seminar my face continued to change dramatically with lines filling in and my skin looking healthier! I also see how this kind of treatment can potentially be profound on a more spiritual level as the face is a window of the soul."

"What a beautiful tribute CB! And I felt my head nodding in agreement with every sentence you wrote. I also want to thank Martha for a great seminar and for a great protocol that doesn't hurt or inflict pain! I too noticed a difference in my complexion - my rosacea cleared up drastically."

"Yes indeed, I think CB is right on. I am on the 4th treatment of my first client and I see this as a potential "great opening" into who one is."